Route guest house “Railovo”:
Guest house Railovo – Peak Railovo gradishte – Mountain hostel Liulin- peak Krivi kamak- Guest house Railovo

The route is not very heavy; you could rent ATV as well. We arrange a guide or GPS receiver with preliminary drawn route.

The route starts from guest house Railovo following asphalt road to the village of Golemo Buchino, after that diverts left to a road, climbing the mountainside. Shorty you could see the monastery Saint Nikolai.

The route continues on a gentle slope where you must go straight (the road on the right leads to the hunting hostel, and the one on the left leads to the villas in the village of Liulin) to reach the food of the mountain Railovo gradishte. Shortlyafter a steep slope you reach the top.

There is a very nice view east to Vitosha mountain, north to Sofiisko pole, west – to Krivi kamak and south to Pernik and Rila mountain.

The road continues to the abandoned mountain hostel Liulin. From there following the asphalt road to the village of Liulin on a left turn is the diversion to the Divotino monastery, and the next 180 degrees turn continues straight to Krivi kamak peak.

The dirt road follows the ridge and goes to the Krivi kamak (Curved stone) peak. It is named like this because of the strange shape it has.

Here the view is even more beautiful. Lake Meshtitsa and row of hills up to the Serbian border are on the west, east at the food of the mountain is village of Divotino, south  – village of Liulin and Vitosha mountain and in the distance – Rila mountain.

At the end of the walk is may be the most beautiful part of the route – climbing down on south east to the village of  Liulin.

The evening starts by the fireside in the guest house Railovo and usually continues until the morning.

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